FOSS Hosting at the OSU Open Source Lab

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Why do hosting at OSU?

"Our commitment to the development and application of Open Source is consistent with our drive to be the land grant university of the 21st century. Through open source activities we are helping underserved populations around the world and creating new industries and new products at home."

OSU president, Ed Ray

Timing is everything

Notable Project Hosting Milestones

Over the past ten years...




Systems Meeting






OSL Funding Model

We need your help!

Corporate sponsorships Individual donations

Data Center Specs



_images/networking.png _images/osuosl-nero-week.png

Datacenter Pics


Datacenter Pics


Datacenter Pics


Hosted Machines

ASF & Drupal Racks

_images/drupal-rack.jpg _images/asf-rack.jpg

PSF, NAS-Admin, Gentoo

_images/psf-rack.jpg _images/gentoo-rack.jpg


Services Provided at the OSL

FTP Mirrors


Virtualization/Cloud platforms

Ganeti at OSL

Ganeti Environment

Openstack at the OSL

Large data storage

ORVSD (Oregon Virtual School District)



POWER7 (ppc64) Development


POWER8 (ppc64/ppc64le)

Hosting FAQ

Requesting Hosting

Hosted Projects (just a few shown)


More projects



Current Devops Tools

Type Tool
Configuration Management Chef, migrating away from CFengine
Monitoring Nagios, munin, cacti, awstats
Ticket Tracking RT (external), Chili Project (internal), Github
Operating System CentOS 6, Gentoo Hardened (deprecated)

Infrastructure changes

Events & Outreach

Organization changes

Goals for the future