What is DevOps?

DevOps is a hybrid of skills from both Software Development (Dev) and Computer Operations (Ops) intended to meet the unique demands of cloud computing. Software Developer and Systems Administrator are no longer mutually exclusive job titles. Devs need more Ops knowledge to understand how their application will run in the real world. Admins need more Dev knowledge to design infrastructure that fit an app's needs efficiently and effectively. To top it off site reliability engineers and many modern security roles require at least a little background in both development and operations.

Purpose of DevOps BootCamp

DevOps BootCamp is an OSU Open Source Lab program dedicated to teaching core software development and systems operation skills. The program is free and open to any interested OSU students, community member, and online go-getter. DevOps BootCamp provides a comprehensive Open Source education that is outside the scope of regular Linux Users Group meetings and OSU Coursework.

What Students Get

What the Open Source Lab Gets

Target Audience

Our goal is to make the DevOps BootCamp program accessible to students and community members from all backgrounds. Students should:



Attendance is not mandatory but highly suggested to get the most out of DOBC; We will not spend class time reviewing material for those who skip a lecture and each classes curriculum will build on what you learned the previous session. All curriculum will be available online before and after class sessions to get caught up.

BootCamp mentors will be available at scheduled times outside of regular classes to help answer any questions about the training program's content. If you attend a lesson and don't understand something then you are encouraged to ask that question during the meeting since others are likely have the same question.


As the course progresses, you will need a laptop. We hope and recommend that you decide to set up your laptop to dual-boot to Linux as the course progresses, but it is not required. If you don't own a laptop and are an OSU student you can check out a laptop from the OSU Library for at least 24 hours at a time.

As long as your laptop is new enough to boot from USB and connect to a wireless network the exact specifications do not matter. You will be provided with a remote virtual machine with which to do all class projects.

If you are not an OSU student and do not have access to a working laptop, contact the DevOps BootCamp (email devopsbootcamp) organizers and they will see whether one can be loaned out to you.

Get Involved

Mailing list

Join the mailing list for updates.


Feel free to also join us on Slack. If you sign up using your OSU email address, you'll automatically get added without any invitation. If you don't have an email address from from the allowed domains, please let us know and we'll get you invited!


Join us on irc.freenode.net in #devopsbootcamp (students will be setting up an IRC network for the program early in the program).

Website & Curriculum

If you'd like to help edit this site, email devopsbootcamp or ping anyone in #devopsbootcamp on Freenode with your GitHub username to get access to the web site repo. You'll also want to learn the ReStructured Text markup language to edit the site, if you don't already know it.